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Why Having The Right SEO Strategies Are Important

Mar 19

Think about this for a moment. How many sportspeople and businesspeople who achieved huge success, have done this without a strategy being involved in the process?

Answer: almost no-one if it happens without a strategy then it is just luck. So, to assume SEO success it must be accepted that a strategy has to part of the plan.

Here is where it gets interesting, in that most so-called SEO professionals use the same strategy as those around them. Yes, the most common strategy is to reverse engineer a successful website and copy what they have done. The reason why this is interesting, is that it is likely that most other website that are ranking for the same search term have done exactly that.

I am not going to knock any process that works, but so many SEO strategists work on plans that deliver the same results but with less investment of time and money.

Lets Start With Link Building

Mirroring a link profile should deliver similar results, but SEO strategists know that not all the links within the profile are delivering positive juice or are relevant to the niche. Take directory links for example. These can have a positive impact on branding but should not be used as the golden nugget to better rankings.

Then there are the things that are seen to be outdated and “spammy” such as blog comments. The truth is it depends on the website and subject matter. If a comment is made on a respected authority website and the comment relates to the same niche as you are in, then comments can be valuable. Even Web2 links can have value, if the content is well written and have valuable content, then why would Google dispend the link just because it is on or blogger platform. So many decisions are made from someone else’s opinion of SEO, rather than doing the testing themselves. A SEO strategist would normally do their own testing and make their own mind up about content processes and linking, which allows them to stand above the rest in terms of delivering cost effective campaigns.

How much do SEO professionals rely on the DR, DA scores from third party link tools such as Ahrefs , Majestic or Moz? These tools do not belong to Google and should not be used as anything more than a guide. They do not measure relevance, or know what links Google are scoring or ignoring.

The Same Rules Apply To Content

OK, it is accepted that the days of 500-word article are no longer with us and there needs to be a certain amount of data and useful information within any article to make it valuable. But to focus on word count alone is a mistake. It is the value within the words that matter. If you can get all the data into a 1000-word piece, where someone else takes 2000, that 1000-word piece is likely to be stronger in authority with less stop words and dilution within.

Become a A SEO Strategist

The answer lies with your own testing, rather than relying on the internet to fill your education. Becoming a SEO strategist and trying different theories on test sites and new projects, can and will give information that can beat the competition.

It takes more work, more sweat but the rewards will eventually come.