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Long Tail Keywords For SEO

Mar 19

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords For SEO

What are long tail keywords for SEO? They are longer and more specific keyword phrases. They are mostly 3+ words keywords phrases. They have relatively low competition levels and search volume. Users use long tail keywords when they are closer to purchase, so long tail keywords have a high conversion rate. One of the best search engine optimization tactics is to focus on long tail keywords. 

Read on to learn the importance of long tail keywords for SEO

1. Less Competitive 

You cannot beat well-established websites in search engines, especially with a new website. You will have to spend more money creating the best content and building high-quality backlinks to increase your chances for ranking for competitive keywords. It is easy to rank for long tail keywords. Many websites do not target these keywords. You will find forums ranking for these keywords. It is easy to beat these forums. 

2. High Conversion Rates 

Long tail keywords are more specific, so the users using long tail keywords know what they are looking for. They have done their research, so they are ready to purchase. They are no longer learning. They are ready to buy anything. Target long tail keywords to increase your conversion rates. You can recommend your products or services within your content. You will see your sales increasing. The traffic from long tail keywords converts well. 

3. Rank for Shorter Keywords 

It takes time and lots of effort for the search engines to trust your website. You will create quality content consistently for a few months or even years before ranking for your targeted keywords. Targeting long tail keywords increases the chances of ranking for competitive keywords. It takes less time to rank for long tail keywords, so they can help search engines trust your website. This makes it easier to rank for shorter keywords. 

4. Fuel Your Blog Strategy 

Many internet marketers give up on their blogs in a few months. Why? They create a blog thinking they will get traffic immediately, and they target competitive keywords. Then, they wait to rank for these keywords. Nothing happens! Do not target competitive keywords, especially on a new blog. Use long tail keywords for SEO to strengthen your SEO efforts. Create high-quality content targeting these keywords. Doing this will help your blog rank quickly. 

5. Rank in Highly Competitive Niches 

It is almost impossible to rank a new website in highly competitive niches, such as food, travel, shopping, health, and fitness. The top brands dominate these niches. Instead of targeting the same keywords as the top brands, target long tail keywords. The top brands spend money on their content, so they are less likely to spend money on keywords with low search volume. You can target long tail keywords to rank in highly competitive niches. 

6. Win Featured Snippets 

Search engines display featured snippets on top of their search results. It is not difficult to win the featured snippets. However, you might never win them if you are targeting the wrong keywords. Target long tail keywords to increase the chances of winning the featured snippets. Appearing on top of the search results increase your website traffic. Target question searches since it is easier to win featured snippets for them. 

7. Get Quality Links 

Long tail keywords have very low competition. This means many websites do not target these keywords. Therefore, you might never find a website with quality content targeting these keywords. Once you decide to target these keywords, create quality content targeting them. More webmasters will find your website. They will link to your articles since you are the only online resource. You will get more quality links as your website grows. 

8. Direct Traffic 

As mentioned above, you will get quality links. The links not only increase your search engine rankings. They can also bring direct traffic from other websites. Many webmasters send their website visitors to other websites with high-quality content. Therefore, more webmasters will link to your website. You will get free traffic from these websites. The traffic is highly targeted since they are in your niche. 

9. Increase Your Sales 

Even though more people shop online these days, it is now harder to build trust online. People mostly use online stores they know and trust. People will do proper research before buying through your website. Targeting long tail keywords increases your online presence. You will rank for hundreds of specific keywords. People are more likely to buy through your website if they find your website on their favorite search engine. 

10. Beat Your Competitors 

Most of your competitors will not spend their money creating content targeting long tail keywords. They are more likely to spend money on paid ads. Writing hundreds of articles targeting long tail keywords can save you thousands of dollars. You will get targeted traffic from the search engines. You will not pay for the traffic. You will make it hard for your competitors to beat you since you will get free consistent traffic. 

11. Build Your Brand 

It is easy to hire a professional to build your brand. However, you may not have enough money to spend on expensive marketing campaigns. Use long tail keywords instead. Create top-notch targeting these keywords. You want your readers to fall in love with your content. Target these keywords to build your online presence. Having a professional website with high-quality content can help you build your brand easily. You will have loyal readers and search engines will trust you.  

12. Increase Your Website Traffic 

Small business owners do not have huge marketing budgets. Do not just focus on paying for online traffic. It is getting more expensive to pay for traffic on the internet. It is much cheaper to focus on creating high-quality content. You can create your own content. You will not spend any money. As your website ranks for hundreds of long tail keywords, your website traffic increases. It is cheap to use SEO to generate traffic to any website. 

You now know the importance of long tail keywords for SEO. Do not waste your time and money targeting competitive keywords, especially in highly competitive niches. Use long tail keywords to rank your website and grow your business.