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How to know which other sites are hosted in your Ip neighborhood for SEO purposes?


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Google don’t use IP ranges to rank sites at all.

They are mostly focused on the content of said website.

They are also moving away from a focus on external links as well so in a month or two all those crappy sites with hundreds of links from SEO agencies will be dead.

I mean link farms were already frowned on but Google has been doing work on their back end systems.

Google using neighboring IP addresses is what this thread is about. WTF do you think “to be in a good neighborhood” means?

By the way, why would you stick up for Google? Do they pay you to defend them? Why not let Google defend Google? Brand loyalty is something big companies depend on. They depend on people that pay them to defend them, something that is as absurd as Google deciding what the standards of the Internet should be, but big companies do that – kind of like Amazon’s review and rating system – they depend on the buyer to advertise for the seller by writing a review.

When do you think “brand loyalty” will be “dead” Chaddy?