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Building A Las Vegas Digital Marketing Campaign

Feb 19

Well Vegas is the city that never sleeps and is probably the leisure capital of the world. So, what is the best way to build a digital marketing campaign for your Las Vegas enterprise?

Let’s start with what niche your business is, and where the end user has their money. Local businesses like plumber’s electrician etc, Vegas is no different to any other city, so using Google My Business and directories are still the way to go. But what if your target audience is somewhere else in the world and you are aiming at the leisure industry? Here are some tips form Visibilitybam a local Vegas digital marketing Agency.

By Very Visual

Vegas is a city of lights and sounds and what you see can be worth 1000s, of written words. So find a way to market the visual aspect of Vegas say through videos and images.

The first place to start is clearly YouTube and Facebook, probably the 2 largest video media platforms out there and most people use them. So, look at what videos are dominating the searches and goa step further. Are the videos shot last year? Make sure you show the latest visual aspects of Vegas, what is new. Of course, high quality formats need to be used to sell the dream.

Create Pinterest and Instagram accounts and take as many images as you can uploading the platform at least once a day, so to create a following. Twitter can work too, but not as effective in our eyes than Instagram, unless your niche has more of a business theme.

Now The Las Vegas Website

You must decide if a brochure website driven by social media is the best platform or use SEO to get it to the top of the rankings. Taking the search engine optimization approach, you will need to either be a good content writer or have access to employ one. We recommend writers local to Las Vegas do the best job as they know where all the attractions are, not just the main ones down the strip.

The brochure website approach is about the images and less words.

These writers can add information, that is not on other website, creating more value to the visitor, creating authority for your website. A good way to improve rankings is to ensure excellent visitor metrics. The more time and pages your visitors make on your website, the better Google will see this.

Digital Marketing Covers Many Platforms Of The Internet

As you have probably gathered, digital marketing is about getting the message out across several platforms of the internet to maximise the impact. So how about press releases on other websites, or a guest post on website that have a lot of exposure? Again, use your content writers and take great unique photos or the exact subject you are promoting.

The Brand What Exactly Is It?

Many often miss this part, that branding on the internet is as important as any other business. In fact for customers situated thousands of miles away in dealing with a company in Nevada requires a lot of trust. So, creating a brand and emulating that trust through secure severs and reviews will help massively. So independent review sites, some ore on travel sites, some on their own platform. Get as many previous customers as positive to post their positive experiences. This will give trust to all your campaign, from videos through to your website.

Of course, your brand name is crucial also. Does it say what you do on the tin, or is it just a memorable name, or catchy. Sometimes, brands can be too complex and easy forgettable.

Here at Visibiltybam we can help with all your Digital Marketing needs and as we are local to Las Vegas and Nevada, we are in a prime position to deliver rankings and increase visibility.