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Brady Sticker Is Not Ranking on His Name. Are You in a Similar Situation?

Sep 8

Have you ever wondered about the impact of securing a strong Google ranking for your name? Let's consider Brady Sticker's situation. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer at ChurchCandy, a marketing firm dedicated to assisting pastors in expanding their congregations through digital marketing strategies. Brady is known for his exceptional skills in the digital marketing realm. Notably, he has clinched the top spot in the Ninja Hacks competition on three occasions, solidifying his reputation as the most astute marketer within the Seven Figure Agency community.

When You Search for Him Online

When you conduct a Google search for him, the initial results primarily showcase stickers related to the Brady company, which specializes in label manufacturing. You will stumble upon a link to his website after scrolling further down the search results. Despite being the owner of, he fails to attain a prominent ranking for his name, and this situation becomes readily apparent.

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Brady's website lacks any inbound links or upvotes that Google can recognize. Take a look at the zeroes displayed in the screenshot below for verification.

brady sticker

What Brady Can Do

Brady has many YouTube videos, social media content, and a published book. However, he has yet to optimize his content for visibility on Google. Additionally, his personal brand website is currently experiencing almost zero traffic. Fortunately, there's a straightforward solution: implementing Dollar a Day campaigns across multiple platforms.

Every month, a substantial number – around 40 individuals – search for "Brady Sticker." This keyword carries a low competition level with a Keyword Difficulty score of just 1 out of 100. To enhance Brady's online presence, we'll streamline his digital presence through meticulous Digital Plumbing, repurpose his content across various platforms, establish interconnections (particularly from high-authority and contextually relevant sites), and initiate Dollar a Day campaigns. With these measures in place, we anticipate Brady will swiftly ascend to prominence in Google search results within a few weeks. Furthermore, over a few months, he may even activate his knowledge panel on Google, solidifying his online authority.

Are You in the Same Situation?

If you're a founder or local business owner who is in a similar situation, we can zero in on the issues through a comprehensive audit and provide effective solutions. Have your virtual assistant take care of it for you. In case you don't have one, we're here to assist you.

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