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All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set

Nov 14

The All American Wood Works8pc Pigment Set is a great option for those seeking a new set. This set comes with two colors, one each of clear and black epoxy, which gives you the perfect chance to experiment with various shades.

What exactly is an Epoxy Pigment You may are asking?

Epoxy pigments are a kind of pigment that is created by combining epoxy resin with a colorant. Because of their superior color, strength for tinting, weather resistance and resistance to fade, epoxy pigments are utilized in coatings and paints. They dry quickly, which makes them ideal for applications that require fast responses, such as varnish or paint.

How do Epoxy Pigments Work?

Epoxy pigments are described as a specific pigment made of the epoxy resin as well as colorants. They are utilized to produce an array of colors in paint, ink, and other media. They can be mixed with other materials to make new colors, or change the properties of existing colors.

Epoxy pigments bond with the surface on which they are applied. The binding creates a strong and hard layer, which protects the pigment from fade and discoloration as time passes. Epoxy pigments are flexible and can be used on numerous surfaces like plastic, wood, and even glass.

Epoxy Pigments: Benefits

Epoxy pigments are an excellent option to add color and variety to your woodworking projects. They are weather-resistant as well as fade-resistant and long-lasting. The advantages of using epoxy pigments include:

They are simple to use and quick to apply.

They are invulnerable to wind, water and other elements.

They can be applied to various surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic and many more.

-They create a high-quality finish that is both robust and appealing.

Epoxy pigments are a fantastic option for woodworkers seeking a simple way to add color to their projects. They are safe and permanent. They will not deteriorate the project. These are just one of the many advantages you can get from epoxy pigments.

They are permanent They are durable and will stay in place even after repeated uses.

They are water-proof: Epoxy pigments help shield your project from water damage.

They are not toxic: Epoxy colors are safe for pets and children.

Which colors do I require to complete my Project?

One of the most important aspects of painting a project is selecting the appropriate colors. We've put together a comprehensive color guide for each of our products to assist you.

Below is a list listing each available product, with the color that matches it and its approximate equivalent in RGB:

PC Paint Colors

All American Wood Works pc Color Pigment Set

Where can I get colorful epoxy pigments?

If you're looking for an array of bright epoxy pigments to add some life to your projects, you'll want to check out All American Wood Works' Pc color pigment set. It comes in eight colors and can be bought on the internet or at most craft stores.

Each of the colors has a different application technique and application method, so make sure you read the included instructions before getting started. You'll be able to design unique designs once you have learned the techniques to apply each color.


If you're looking for a versatile and high-quality set of paints that you can make use of in your arts and crafts The All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set is definitely worth a look. It is guaranteed that the paints can withstand everyday use. They are non-toxic and water-resistant. The set includes a different colors that will aid you in selecting the ideal shade for your work.

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