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Backpack Printing

Oct 22

The standard set for promotional Backpack Printing 

Aquaholic Giftsis the premier provider of custom backpack printing in Singapore. They have a huge range of backpacks suitable for every occasion and activity.

Our popular, highly functional custom backpack printing are a great way to showcase your brand. We're always trying to keep up to date with the latest methods of applying designs to products. We can apply your chosen branding to any product, regardless of its material or construction.

Backpacks for embroidery

Aquaholic's custom embroidery is highly recommended by companies who require high-quality corporate items. This includes workwear, employee uniforms, and embroidered backpack designs. Our Singapore embroidery team is skilled in producing simple or complex embroidered logo backpack designs. We can also produce them quickly and efficiently at a premium quality that will perfectly represent your business, at a cost that you will love.

The promotional backpacks with embroidery of your company logo, name or other design are extremely durable and will last many years. We do our best to keep our prices competitive. Once we discuss your specific backpack requirements, the final price we quote you is what you can expect to pay.

Custom backpack printing with photos

Bladon WA can also print your design if it lends itself to printing. Our screen printing services are of high quality and can make as many personalized backpacks as you need quickly and economically. This is a great way to save money and produce large quantities of customized backpacks quickly without sacrificing quality or appearance.

You can also choose from other personalised back packs

If you choose a product that is not suitable for embroidery or other traditional printing methods, we can use pad printing (tampography), to make your custom backpacks in Australia. Aquaholic Gifts is a creative company that has helped hundreds of Singapore-based businesses and organizations with their unique branding needs. We have never encountered a customisation problem that was not possible.

There are many options available for custom made back pack printing

We have the backpack printing you need, whether you're looking for rugged backpacks that can withstand the most difficult environments or stylish commuter backpacks that can be customized to your specifications. We have everything you need, from day or carry-on backpacks and small, lightweight backpacks to school sports and mesh backpacks for wet use. You can personalize any of the items by using one or more of the options above. Take a look at our catalogue today to find your favorite designs.

Perfect personalized backpack

Aquaholic Gifts is very picky about the quality of their products. We wouldn't stock anything we didn’t believe represented us 100%. The Samsonite High Sierra Access 2.0 is one of our favorites. The backpack is stylish and does all you need from a backpack, while still maintaining the exceptional quality Samsonite has come to expect. There are many compartments that can be used, including fleece-lined, padded ones. Smart access points allow for easy access to your gear and protect your gadgets. This backpack is also available in navy or black, making it a great choice for personalizing a backpack printing in Singapore.