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Cabinet Refacing Kansas City

Jun 22

Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Update Options

There are four options available to homeowners when it comes time to remodel or update their kitchen cabinets. When deciding on the right cabinet option for you and your lifestyle, it is important to consider your overall goals, changes to your current layout, style, material, and quality, as well as how much work you will need. We are experts who can help you make the most of your remodeling project. Let's take a look at each option.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Possibilities

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. You can think about it: cabinetry makes up almost 80 percent of your vertical space in the kitchen. If your kitchen's outdated design needs some updating, there are four options.

Option 1: Cabinet refacing at a low cost

Refacing kitchen cabinets can help you save about half the cost of buying new cabinets. This option is only available if your existing cabinets are in good condition and if the layout of the room will remain the same. A good cabinet refacing Kansas City business can transform your kitchen's look and function, as well as build additional cabinets if needed.

Cabinet refacing involves the installation of new drawer fronts and doors, as well as end panels. Cabinet refacing takes less time than for new cabinets. Most cabinet refacing projects are completed in less than one week. To improve the performance of their kitchen, homeowners can also upgrade the storage in their interiors. Furthermore, cabinet refacing uses less material, which means that less waste is generated.

Option 2: Painting cabinets

DIY homeowners have been embracing this option as a popular way to update their cabinets. If you are looking to change from a woodgrain look, some companies may offer painting. This is a cost-effective option, but it can sometimes be less than what the homeowner wants. It can be time-consuming to paint your cabinets. This involves removing the drawers and doors and then preparing the area for painting. Each drawer and cabinet box frame must then be meticulously painted. You will end up with the same type of door. If your doors have been damaged or warped, the paint may chip more easily.

Option 3: Ordering stock cabinets

Although ordering new stock cabinets at a big-box store may seem appealing, it might not be the best solution for you if your skills are not up to par. You can save substantial money and remodel your kitchen by purchasing replacement cabinets at a reasonable price. Remember that homeowners are responsible for accurately measuring and ordering unfinished or finished kitchen cabinets. This includes any hinges and hardware.

This option allows you to save money on new appliances and custom solutions such as a built-in wine cooler under the cabinet. These options can enhance your kitchen's design and functionality. To accommodate changes in cabinet size or built-in cavities, it's a good idea to include such items during the initial measurement.

Option 4: Removing only the doors

You'll find a lot of results if you search the internet for "kitchen cabinet doors", but these may not be what you want. You can still choose a contractor to make your cabinet doors or drawers, but you will get the same cabinet finish and color if you use an online source. You may be limited in your design options. The Spruce is a great source of design inspiration. They even suggest painting the cabinet boxes. The homeowner will still need to do the work necessary to update the home. The old saying "You get what you pay" is applicable here.

You can tip the scales in favor

It is important to understand what you are looking to accomplish and how much you can afford for your kitchen remodel. Do you want to change the style and color of the kitchen or remodel the whole space? Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great option if you're looking at all options. It can be time-saving, cost-effective, and transformative. To explore all your options, contact a Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing specialist today to schedule a complimentary design consultation!


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