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Common Causes of Roof Leaks

May 12

Common Causes of Roof Leaks


No matter how small or large your house, a roof leak can be devastating. We all know that it is not the best thing to spend our time looking for a drip container every single rainstorm. Not only are you unable to keep up with the weather forecast, but every drop of rain can also indicate a bigger roofing problem. And we all know that roofing issues require money and time.


To save you money on your roof leaks, here's a list. We'll explain how they appear and why they occur. roofing contractor Katy Tx

1. There's a crack in Your Flashing


What does it look like? Flashing is a thin sheet metal that is attached to roof joints and underneath shingles. This provides a water-resistant barrier. If they're visible they will look like long sheets of sheet metal. If hidden they'll be covered with a rubberized coat. In broken flashing, large cracks can be seen.


Roofers use tar to keep flashing in place. However, tar can corrode over time. It can corrode if the flashing is not protected from elements like wind and rain.


2. Your Shingles Have Broken


What it Looks Like: Take another look up! It is easy to identify this one. The roof's outer layer is made up of shingles. You should be able to spot missing shingles on your roof by looking at different-colored patches. You may find the shingles scattered around your yard after a storm.


Why it Happens: It's again due to the weather. Heavy rainfall and high winds are to be expected.


How to fix it: With a pry bar, remove the row connecting the damaged and unattached shingles. Press down on the nail to release it. Keep going with the other nails in the exact same way. Replace the damaged shingle with a brand new one and secure it with four nails.


3. Your Valleys Need to be Sealed Correctly


What it looks like: A section of roof where the two roofs intersect. Rainwater can enter these areas of the roof if they aren't properly sealed. Check for damp patches at the seams of your roof.


What Causes it? It can be due to a number of factors. The sealing might not have been done correctly, the seal may have cracked or been eroded by rain and ice.


How to Fix It: Because of its complexity, it is best left to a professional. We don't recommend trying this on your own. Your roofer will install a new seal along the valley and then shingle over it.


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4. The vent booting of your car is cracked


Roof vents are little pipes that protrude from the roof's top. They are used to eliminate excess moisture from your home's interior. These leaks will almost always lead to darkened areas and mustiness.


Why is it happening? You can seal roof vents by wrapping flashing over the opening and slipping rubber boots over the area where the pipe is protruding from the roof. The roof can become damaged or break down over time.


(Via: DIY Guy). How To Fix it: With a knife, remove the rubber around the vent. With a prybar, break the seal of any attached shingles. Place the rubber boot on the roof. To seal the shingles to the flashing, apply caulk to the underside of the roof and attach the new boot to the roof with roofing nails. You can purchase extra shingles to make it even easier to fix broken shingles.


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5. You've got an "ice dam" on your hands


An ice dam, or ridge of ice at the roof's edge, prevents water from melting and snow from escaping. Damage can result from the weight of the entire roof and the water that sits on it.


Why is it happening? The reason it happens is that the heat from your roof (and all of your house) stays above freezing so some snowfall melts, despite the cold outside temperatures. The water will flow between the roof and the snow. When it reaches its outside edge, it'll freeze to ice.


How to Fix it: Grab a roof rake that looks like an extended sideways shovel and reach up onto your roof to remove as much snow as possible from the roof edge. You can use an ice-melting product if there is a sign of ice damming. As winter approaches, you will need to figure out a method to remove snow from your roof.


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