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How To Attract The Senior Market With Digital Marketing

Mar 28

Expanding your digital marketing campaign to include the senior audience is pivotal to capturing a broader and more diverse market. If you haven’t tapped on this market yet, then you are missing out on a new opportunity to expand your market to an entirely different audience. For this, you’ll need top digital marketing companies that can help you reach your target market and fast-track your ROI in no time. 

This post will offer tips on how you can attract senior audiences using digital marketing. Read below.

Social Media and the Senior Market

Social media has a growing number of senior users, and they are very active online. The number of seniors who are using YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other platforms has been steadily growing over the recent months. 

Is your social media strategy working effectively to reach the older or senior audience? The seniors comprise older adults whose age ranges from 50 and above. These demographics spend more on purchases online than the younger generation, which is why tapping on this specific market is investment-worthy. 

Yes, older audiences can now be readily accessed through SMS and smartphones. Social media marketing is a viable option for any business targeting the senior demographics. It’s important now more than ever for businesses and marketers to have that mobile-first content mindset. 

Seniors are Loyal Consumers

Most seniors will not be swayed by other ads or brands once they have put their eyes on your business. As you have helped solved or address their need for information, they would most likely stay with you and buy your offers. Here are a couple of methods that top digital marketing companies implement to encourage senior consumers to be more loyal to your brand:

  • Free guides and tips
  • Free tools and resources
  • Location-based content
  • Offline and online integrations
  • Simplified digitization or employing a mix of traditional and digital strategies
  • Discounts and freebies
  • Personalized and informative content

Once you focus more on what your target audience needs and explore their pain points, you’ll find it relatively easier to reach them. With an older audience, personalization and customer service is a priority or plus point for them.

Once seniors feel they are valued by the company, they would most likely make repeat purchases and share their experiences with others in their network. 

Here are a couple of digital marketing tips to build trust and increase revenue with seniors as a target for your business:

  • Simple and easy-to-digest messaging that you customers get right away.
  • Use simple and direct CTAs like single-click actions.
  • Share customer feedback to help increase brand trust and engagement
  • Highlighting the benefits. 

Seniors are Heavy on Videos

A lot of seniors would watch on YouTube to learn about something or for pure entertainment purposes. Video content marketing for your business can help you explain and introduce your brand to the senior demographics. 

With the use of videos, you get to build that herd mentality and also gain brand awareness and relevance with your target market. 

It’s Time to Reach Your Senior Audience!

The senior audience is an untapped market. Now, while it may seem intimidating or difficult at first, seniors are very easy to tap because they tend to be loyal to a brand. The key to getting their attention is to understand and connect to them with their language and resolve their pain points. 

Tapping on the senior market is easy with the right company. For your marketing needs, contact Cornerstone Marketing Solutions at (214) 530-9022 today! They are one of the top digital marketing companies and can give you the traction you need most for your business. Get started today!