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Five ways local businesses can expand their market

Mar 12

Local businesses rely on local customers and clients to establish a name for themselves and their products within their communities. When you want to expand, it can be difficult to convert word-of-mouth to something that the rest of the world will notice. These five tips will help you expand beyond your local market.

Optimize your SEO

SEO is now a popular tool for businesses to drive traffic to their websites. Local businesses are more likely than others to use local SEO for remodeling to help customers find them via social media, Google My Business or AI searches for specific goods and services. You need to modify the keywords and how you rank. You can still include localized keywords and other content to bring your neighbors knocking but it is crucial to plan how to increase your reach and showcase your products in a way that everyone will want them. Alt-text should be included for each item in your ecommerce SEO. This will help you rank higher in image searches, which is a primary source of commerce online.

Connect to your global community

Networking is the key to any company's success. If you're community-focused, it is likely that you will have strong relationships with other businesses in your area, city, and neighborhood. These businesses could be in the same industry as yours, or in similar industries such as real estate agents and loan providers. To reach global markets, you need to make these connections. You can join an international network group, go to a conference, or collaborate with someone who wants to get their name out there. Are you in need of new graphics? A graphic artist from another part of the country can work together with you. You can also have them promote your business through your social media pages.

Be sure your products and services are well-received in the target area.

Branching out is only possible if there is demand for your products and services. If you sell winter coats, it is not a good idea for your company to spend too many marketing dollars in Hawaii. It is worth offering shipping options to locations that do not offer many options. This is not the best way of spending your time trying marketing your IT services in a saturated market like the Bay Area. Find the right demand and supply metrics to give you the best return on your time and investment.

Utilize social media

Social media can be a great way to build a global following for your remodeling marketing business. Social media has helped small businesses become viral, selling donuts or mittens to people who want music or video editing. You can share your offer via social media in a unique and engaging way that draws attention from people all over the world. Fashion brands can do photoshoots featuring diverse models. Restaurants can take scrumptious food photos. A dentist can even create catchy dance moves to remind you to brush your teeth regularly. Keep up with your followers and be consistent in what you do. Looking for a quick fix? To get your name out there, hire a social media specialist. This is a more expensive option than doing it yourself but it's an option if your budget is larger.

Contribute to the appropriate outlets

Off-page SEO is incomplete without backlinks. These links link from one website to your site (usually a site with a high rank in SEO and high traffic). Backlinks are a great way to attract new visitors to your website and increase your national or global reach. This can be achieved by contributing content. Contributing content can include how-to videos, music, recipes, photos, articles related to your business, or guesting on podcasts. Use your network to meet others in the field. Make sure the content you post is relevant to your site and your business. Let them know before they click on your link.

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