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Everything You Need to Know About Hidden Text & SEO

Feb 1

It is possible to be penalized when you make use of hidden text to alter Google's algorithm. Google permits hiding content for a variety of reasons. This is a common spam technique to hide text from search engines, and then make it accessible to search engines.


There are now Google-approved ways for hiding content. Google has made it easier than ever before to conceal content according to their rules.

The San Diego SEO specialist benefit results in greater user involvement, popularity, and the number of pages indexed.


What's the significance of hidden text?


Hidden text is a fraud strategy that has been in use since the inception of search engines. Simple algorithmic methods for matching text were employed by search engines before.


A website can provide visible and hidden text to search engines. The concealed text intended to be used by search engines was designed with the intention of ranking -- it often consisted of keywords that were repeated.


You have many options to conceal the text.


Using a white font color on a white background, and then placing the font at the bottom of the web page was a systematic method. Spammers even created web pages with content hidden to the right. The contents were no longer accessible to visitors to the site, who had to scroll to the right for it to be seen.


Another way to conceal text is to overlay it on an image. Cloaking is among the most difficult methods of concealing text.


Cloaking involves recognizing search engines and displaying alternatives to them. Cloaking is the word used to describe this content method of concealment, which could have its origins in science-fiction, where a cloaking device was a device that concealed a person or a spaceship.


The hidden text could be hidden in image alt attributes or the tiny font sizes that appear at the bottom of web pages. Search engines can ignore or not index the comment tags, therefore they may hide text with comment tags.


As absurd as these strategies may appear, all it takes is two or three SEOs who are affiliates of the site to say that they're effective, and the business follows suit.


What was the reason Hidden Text used to be a form of spam?


Many people still use hidden text to increase the rate of click-through from the spam page to a page where the buyer can purchase everything.


The idea is to offer products for sale rather than substituting one thing with another (as in the old bait and switch). The customer is then directed to a different location where they can purchase it. A website page that offers specific products is a way to boost the sales of affiliates (or even clicks on ads).


If a user clicks through an online search result will be shown a conversion-optimized web page. This will encourage them to go to another page.


SEO and Hidden Content


How to hide content without Breaking Google's Rules


Google downloads JavaScript files as well as CSS files for the purpose of making the web page look exactly as a real user would.

It's crucial that what users perceive (on the mobile device) is the same as what the search engine sees.


Google renders the webpage in order to display what a person might observe. It's okay if the content is hidden behind the "read more" link to make it accessible on the page. If it's visible to a user, it's also visible to Google. Google analyzes websites similar to what a human does.


In the past, Google has validated this method of handling tabbed content. Google says it hasn't changed the method it uses to manage tabbed content hidden behind tabs. The company also confirmed that Google does not degrade this data. Google's John Mueller confirmed that hidden tabbed content is legal in the beginning of 2020. He stated unequivocally that Google indexes stuff that is hidden behind a tab.



Since the majority of website visitors are likely to consume content via the go, using concealed text and picture content could be vital. It is not easy to display content on a tiny screen but still allow access and ensure that all other content is easily reachable.

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