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How to use Twitter moments for local seo

Jan 9

How to use Twitter moments for local seo

How to use Twitter moments for local seo. Summary of this is, make a Youtube video optimized for the city + service, make a seo optimized landingpage on the website, tweet these urls, and make the Twitter moment with the title of the city + service. In this way you make a super optimized Twitter moment for local seo.

Twitter moments is not a new feature. It has been around for more than 5 years, and its one of the most powerful features of the social media Twitter. You can use Twitter moments to make a collection of tweets. This collection can curate content from seperate Twitter accounts, and tell a story, that can be shared by users, that follow your Twitter profile.

Using Twitter moments for local seo

If you use your imagination, you can be a little bit clever, and insert your service you want to target, as well as your cityname everywhere. In the image file name, in the twitter moment title, and in the twitter moment description content. You can in this way make a hyper optimized twitter moment, that points directly to the landingpage on your website. Twitter moments can also index. So they can be showed directly in the Google search engine. So if your Twitter moment is done well, and if you are targetting a longtail keyword, your Twitter moment may rank in page one, together with your Youtube video and your landingpage. This gives you a very powerful way to take up more spots in Googles search results. Thus enhancing the probability that potential clients will reach out to you over time.

Throw in other social media properties, and you have a winner

For many years, the golden standard of content syndication has been IFTTT. The reason it has been so popular is, that the syndication of the same content automatically creates several additional backlinks from powerful web properties. Directly pointing to your website. The recommendation would be to add social media platforms such as Reddit, tumblr, Facebook and other similar platforms. Many backlinks earned this way are nofollow, but they still count to some degree in Google ranking algorithms.