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SEO SEM Specialist Freelance: role of this digital figure

Mar 19

The Internet has become the main platform for attracting both customers and sales and, in this context, it seems logical that companies see this channel as necessary to achieve their business objectives and demand professionals capable of achieving them. This is why Freelance SEO SEM Specialists are in high demand today and will always be more so.

 How to become an SEO SEM Manager?

One of the most demanded profiles is that of SEO SEM manager, even more so when we consider that 80% of Internet purchases start with a search, but what is it really and what are its main functions? In this post, we will try to make an x-ray of this professional profile and help you understand what skills are necessary to become one of them.

 What is an SEO SEM Specialist?

 In many countries SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is understood as a type of digital marketing that aims to promote websites on search engines, thus increasing their visibility on search engine results pages (SERP). SEM strategies also include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, although in Italy and some EU countries there is a clear differentiation between SEM and SEO, with SEM being associated with advertising practices using paid online ads and SEO being associated with optimization practices for natural search engine positioning.


 In the European and Italian market, the SEO SEM Specialist Freelance is responsible for planning and managing SEO and online advertising campaigns both in search engines and contextual networks (websites) based on an objective (leads, sales, branding...).

To achieve this, the SEM Manager must master both the ad management tools specific to search networks (Google Adwords, Bing Ads,...) and contextual networks (Adwords Display, AdRoll, ...), as well as information analysis tools (Google Analytics, SEMrush,...) and massive campaign editing tools (Adwords Editor,...).

 What skills should an SEO SEM Specialist freelance possess?

Managing paid advertising campaigns requires a set of technical and analytical skills that you can acquire on your own or you can accelerate the process by taking a specific training program for SEM managers. 

Although skills such as creativity and strategic capacity are intrinsic to this professional profile, the training provided by expert professors provides the necessary knowledge for the creation of efficient ads and the use of strategies to optimize costs and ROI. THERE ARE A LOT OF MASTER IN SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING: SEO, SEM, AND PPC

On the other hand, training alone is not enough, experience is also essential to properly develop the tasks of SEM manager. You will have to acquire this experience through practice, overcoming day-by-day situations that require you to make the right decisions based on your knowledge.

Main functions of an SEO SEM manager

 The main function of this professional is to plan, manage and optimize online advertising campaigns both in search engines and contextual networks. To do so, he/she must work on keyword selection, bidding, the creation of original ads with a high click-through rate, the optimization of campaigns based on the analysis of historical results, and the optimization of landing pages to ensure a higher conversion rate.

 But it will also be the function of this professional to detect new opportunities that increase the ROI of the campaigns based on the different tools of information analysis, as well as the monitoring of the results and the elaboration of results reports.

 Hopefully, this article has helped you clarify who a Freelance SEO SEM Specialist is and what he does!